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Please Proceed to the Nearest Exit

iPad Books "Summer's Most Anticipated" list, 2017

Loan Star book pick

"A treat... A delightful, engaging and... inventive work of fiction."

— Winnipeg Free Press

"The best throughout is Robin Fisher, fourteen years old when her narration begins in 1971. Gifted by her author with a sharp wit, she’s an absorbing tour guide... Bright, pensive and questioning...she’s a snide delight." 

— The Toronto Star


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I'm a bad singer, an okay tennis player, a so-so cook. The only thing I really know how to do is write. Lucky for me, I get to do it every day. 

My first novel, Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club, was published in four languages under a pseudonym. My second, Please Proceed to the Nearest Exit, was released in June 2017 by McClelland & Stewart, Penguin Random House. I recently finished my third novel and am currently at work on a fourth.

While fiction is my one, true love, I've had my share of infidelities. Various essays, articles, and short stories have appeared in magazines and literary journals, and the 2010 essay collection What My Father Gave Me: Daughters Speak. I also make a fine living as copywriter, creative director, and occasional teacher. When I'm not ​telling my own stories, I have the privilege of helping other people tell theirs. 

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